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Applewhite's Three-Headed Monster?

McGee is known for moving the pile (Gallagher/IT)

Former Texas QB Major Applewhite handed off to a couple of monster RBs (Ricky Williams, Cedric Benson) during his tenure. Now, the Longhorn assistant seems to be creating a three-headed beast at RB that is one-part power-driver (Vondrell McGee), one-part shake-and-bake (Fozzy Whittaker) and one expected to move the sticks on third-down (Chris Ogbonnaya).

Will it combine for a one-two-three punch when Texas opens against Florida Atlantic in little more than three weeks? To a man, each RB speaks glowingly of his two challengers. Each insists that individual candidates bring something unique and indispensable to the field. The rhetoric implies that one is not necessarily better than the others, but only different. Then again, their conviction is... Recommended Stories