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It's Time To Unleash Roy Williams

Williams healthy, ready (finally!) for KSU, OU

Memo to Kansas State and Oklahoma: Meet <B>Roy Williams</B>. You only <I>think</I> you&#146;ve seen Texas&#146; superlative wideout. The half-healthy receiver gave a whole-hearted effort last season despite a pulled hamstring, but wait till you got a load of Roy at full throttle. And while your defenses are two of the best in the land, you&#146;ve proven a bit susceptible to the long ball. Memo to Texas&#146; wide receivers: gentlemen, start your engines.

"A lot of guys want to put their best guy on Roy but he usually makes them look silly," FL B. J. Johnson said. "He didn’t get a chance in that (2002) game but he tried as hard as he could. He tried to give it his all. This year, they’ll see a different Roy." Oklahoma’s otherwise impregnable defense has intermittently exposed its Achilles Heel against mobile QBs who can air it out to gifted... Recommended Stories