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Coach's Look: What (And What Not) To Worry About

Surprise! Glynn Horns' top OL vs. NMSU

It is in our genes from the day we are born, passed down from generation to generation. Longhorn fans find it virtually impossible to enjoy a game while the game is being played, and often find it less appealing upon second look or recollection. After watching the tape from the game several times, I found some things to worry about. However, some things were actually a tad bit better than I first thought. What worries me and what doesn't? Well, the answers may surprise you.

During my first watching of the game, I was very worried about the offensive line. It seemed to be the same "no yards and a cloud of dust" first down offense from select games last year. However, after watching the game film, it wasn’t as bad as first glance. Honestly, the Longhorns have a better offensive line this year than they did last year at this time, and it has the potential to be even... Recommended Stories